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  • Sun, 20:19: @KoreanBilly just seen your Birmingham accent video. So funny. You've made my day, had to share, hilarious. Tara a bit
  • Tue, 18:30: Watching yesterday's #cbb what the fuck is it with Kim? What did any of that have to do with her? What a fucking bitch. Go wash some dishes!
  • Tue, 22:03: Jesus Christ, what is wrong with Kim? She's mentally unstable. She needs help! #CBB
  • Fri, 21:06: WTF is it with that bird singing all the time? How desperate for a singing career are you? #cbb
  • Fri, 21:57: Jesus she's hot tonight #EmmaWillis #cbb
  • Fri, 23:43: @DKLeather hey hun I need to ask you a private question about toys, but I don't want the convo going out to the world? Dunno who else to ask