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  • Tue, 17:55: @grahnort I love your show so much. It's so much fun to watch, and time flies when you watch it. before you know it, it's ended :(
  • Tue, 22:47: @bbuk can't stand #bbchanelle now. her singing and constant camera time attention seeking is doing my head in
  • Mon, 13:16: how the hell has #TheresaMay found �1B to give to DUT when our NHS & poor are struggling here? she should've chosen lib dem and saved our �
  • Mon, 13:20: @jk_rowling did you know if you type in harry potter or any of the 4 house names into a status on Facebook you get graphics of a wand? #cool
  • Mon, 13:22: made a trifle on Saturday. I've eaten like 80% of it since then, just finished it off. feel fat now. was nice though
  • </u
  • Sat, 18:43: you know you're getting old when you buy new slippers in the summer to keep your feet warm @… https://t.co/VPGo0nJ7EU
  • Sat, 23:05: @mermhart loving the documentary about you on channel5. You're such an interesting person. Hope you're enjoying Annie xxx
  • Fri, 19:11: @EmmaWillis can I just put it out there and say you are fucking sexy and gorgeous, and matt is one lucky guy #bastard fancy being gay? Lol
  • Mon, 14:38: @elisabethdw how many takes did you insist on with the hot chested bloke? Lol. zara loved him, bet she wasn't alone *wink*